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Current Projects

Next Meeting Agenda July 24 2012

Decide projects and figure materials needed

Previous Meetings

Meeting Agenda Summary
Minutes Sep 19 2011 Agenda Sep 19 2011 The first ever Hack Rock City meeting, laying down a lot of ground work.
Minutes Sep 26 2011 Agenda Sep 26 2011 Second meeting, discussing initiatives and groundwork.
Minutes Oct 03 2011 Agenda Oct 03 2011 Kicking asses, taking names
Minutes Oct 17 2011 Agenda Oct 17 2011
Minutes Oct 24 2011 Agenda Oct 24 2011 The Budget
Minutes Jun 12 2012 Agenda Jun 12 2012 It was a meeting
Minutes Jun 19 2012 Agenda Jun 19 2012 PEX, BM stuff
Minutes Jun 25 2012 Agenda Jun 25 2012 PEX, BM stuff
Minutes Jul 10 2012 Compressor, BM stuff
Minutes Jul 17 2012 Agenda July 17 2012 Burning Man - Projects, Dome, Art Car, Transportation
Minutes Jul 24 2012 Agenda July 24 2012 Burning Man - Kits, Dome, Strips, Radios, Art Car

Attending Meetings Remotely

Important Documents

Major Initiatives

Initiative Description Owner
Shower Structure Parts, transporting, assembly, water source Charles, Ari
Copper Operations Generator rental, transportation, noise abatement, fuel supply Phooky
RV Services Fresh water, tank services Jake
BM Interfacing Make us official, yo Justin
Camper Interfacing Organize campers, collect dues, kickstarter Angela
Transportation Bus? Container? Some sort of giant airship? Max
Legal Do we incorporate? 404
Class Structure Parts,transporting of parts, assembly Catarina

Supplies List

 Please add items needed for camp.

Timeline / Important Dates

Estimated dates in italics.

Date Description Owner
1 Jan 2012 Bookings start for Meco Reno Water Delivery Jake
19 Jan 2012 Burning Man Tickets go on sale Everyone
15 Feb 2012 Theme camp applications can be submitted Justin
26 April 2012 Theme camp application due Justin

Off Site Links

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Members - Please add yourself!
Budget Planning

BM Ticket Sitch Doc

Useful Information

Camp Layout Submission Instructions

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